‘Swipe to Visit’ has arrived on Google Images

‘Swipe to Visit’ has arrived on Google Images

Google has launched “Swipe to Visit,” an Images search feature that displays a preview of an AMP-enabled website’s header after a user selects an image result. The user can then swipe up on the preview to load the image’s corresponding web page.

Why we should care

Visual searches allow users to efficiently scan and compare many offerings. Capturing high-quality images and optimizing them for search provides one more way for brands to attract users to their websites. This new UI feature may help AMP-enabled publishers get more traffic from their photos by putting their websites a single swipe away.

More on the news

  • First announced at I/O earlier this year, Swipe to Visit makes use of AMP’s prerendering to generate a preview of the associated website.
  • By swiping up on the preview, the user will be taken to the corresponding page and the publisher will receive a pageview.
  • Google has said that publishers already supporting AMP don’t need to take any further action to enable Swipe to Visit on their images.
  • Over the coming weeks, traffic data from AMP in Google Images will also be viewable in a Search Console performance report in a new search area called “AMP on Image result.”