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Get The Right Customers At The Right Time with Google Shopping!

Want to attract potential shoppers who are looking for products you are selling? Google Shopping has come up with a technology that helps you find the right customers who are genuinely interested in your products. Google Shopping pulls the right shoppers at the right time across a range of devices.

Reach out to your customers across the web with Google Shopping!

Create a Google Shopping Campaign that:

(1) promotes your online and local inventory, (2) boosts traffic to your website or online local store, (3) finds qualified leads for you. Google shopping ads present interested shoppers an image of your product, with title, price, store name, and purchase link. These ads instantly appeal to users and persuades them to make a purchase. This lets you earn more qualified leads.

Google Shopping Process


Find a goal


Upload your product feed directly to Google Merchant Center


Link together your acccounts on Merchant Center And Google AdWords


Create a detailed shopping ads campaign in Google AdWords


Measure results and optimize your campaign

Google Shopping Features

(1) Make The World Your Storefront

Build better and convenient retail experience with easier transactions and smarter ads that helps you sell your products to customers across the globe.

(2) Find The Shoppers Who Are Looking For You

Your shoppers are spread across the globe. Google Shopping provides retail solutions that help your shoppers find you and drive them to your online store to make the purchase.

(3) Reach Shoppers Across The Web

Enhance the overall retail experience of your shoppers by showing them your ads on YouTube,, and Google Images.

(4) Convert Browsing Into Buying

Use Google Shopping retail solutions to reach out to your shoppers who matter most, customers who are looking for what you sell online on your store.

Google Shopping Benefits

Show Product Photos & Price

Visual content impacts user’s brain and persuade them to take action much faster than textual content. Customers are drawn to ads that are visually appealing. If your product visually stands out it will grab the attention of your buyers instantly.

Get More Traffic & Higher Conversion

Many businesses experience significantly higher clickthrough rates (CTR) with Shopping ads compared to text ads shown in the same location for shopping-related searches. In some cases, advertisers have experienced double or triple standard clickthrough rates.

Better Return On Investment (ROI)

Google Shopping retail solutions offers a great combination of improved CTR and lower CPC that means that your ROI will be better. Enjoy more sales and generate more revenue.

Excellent Mobile Visibility

Google Shopping Ads are a great means to attract mobile shoppers, as these are placed at the top of mobile searches in a carousel showing the first 15 results.

Where do the ads show?

Promotion Plans & Pricing

  • Basic Plan

  • RM100/ DAY

    • Setup Fee: RM500
    • Management Fee: 35%
    • Up to 50 Products
    • Avg Clicks – 1,000
    • Avg CPC – RM1.50
    • Avg Conversion (Rate 5%) – 50
    • Minimum 3 Months

Best price
  • Standard Plan

  • RM200/ DAY

    • Setup Fee: RM500
    • Management Fee: 35%
    • Up to 100 Products
    • Avg Clicks – 2,000
    • Avg CPC – RM1.50
    • Avg Conversion (Rate 5%) – 100
    • Minimum 3 Months

  • Premium Plan

  • RM300/ DAY

    • Setup Fee: RM500
    • Management Fee: 35%
    • Up to 200 Products
    • Avg Clicks – 4,000
    • Avg CPC – RM1.50
    • Avg Conversion (Rate 5%) – 200
    • Minimum 3 Months


  • Estimated Potential Reach = They represent the potential number of impressions available for any advertiser using the settings and targeting options that you’ve selected.
  • Conversion Rate = Typical rate that Google take for most industries in estimating your actual customers per month.
  • Average CPC = Can go lower than estimated above with respect to the campaign performance.

**Please note that all the numbers provided are the estimation only and the actual result might differ from it as prices are keep changing everyday due to the number of other advertisers using AdWords and also traffic for internet users using search engine. Google Adwords does not GUARANTEE any sales, yet we only help advertiser to gain traffics into their website.

All Plans Include

Setup Of Google Merchant Account

NUWEB sets up a New Google Merchant Account and linking

Creation Of Google Adwords Account

NUWEB provides New Google Adword Account setup and linking

Develop Google Shopping Campaign

NUWEB develops Google Shopping Campaign Setup

Upload Products And Campaign Optimization

NUWEB provides Google product feed setup, as well as, Google Shopping campaign optimization.

Constant Monitoring Of Campaign Progress

NUWEB monitors Google shopping campaign progress

Provide Detailed Monthly Campaign Reports

NUWEB provides monthly campaign reports with recommendations.

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