E-commerce helps my sales increase by 300%: Offline to online with baby products

E-commerce helps my sales increase by 300%: Offline to online with baby products

Rizal is doing wholesaling and retailing for baby products in Selangor. He started his business in 2011. Rizal further explains how he transforms from his physical store to brick and click (offline and online) store.

“I started my wholesale and retail business in 2011 by selling baby products in Rawang. In doing business, you have to understand your customers very well. Most of my customers are parents who work in the big city like Kuala Lumpur. They don’t have time to shop in a physical store. Parents nowadays are highly discerning about the products they purchase for their kids. This explains why they are actively seeking for product information online before they make any purchase. Selling through a physical store had many limitations. Firstly, your sales will be restricted as you can only sell to customers who live in your business area. Secondly, your business operation hours can be inconvenient for customers to visit your store. Then, I realize I need an online solution for the problems that I faced.

I don’t know anything about programming. Like most of the people out there, the only channel I could use is social media because it is free of charge and it is very easy to use. In the beginning, I could manage it well because the orders came in small quantity. When my business is expanding, I find it unmanageable. It took me more days to manually process these orders and it had slow down the entire buying and selling process.

Then I got to know SiteGiant. Before I subscribed the service, My friends asked me this question. “Rizal, kedai kamu dekat Rawang. SiteGiant dekat Penang. Jauh tempatnya. Boleh percayaka SiteGiant tu”? Working with SiteGiant is very easy. Although the company is located in Penang, I do not have any issue with them. I just have to communicate via email. The support team will respond to me in a short time.

Besides that, the features offered by SiteGiant are user-friendly. I don’t have to equip with IT knowledge to use it. The SiteGiant backend system provides everything I need to manage customer order, database, email, and marketing. The front shop is easy to use and it looks modern and nice. After I have used SiteGiant, our sales increase more than 300%, and then it keeps on increasing every year!”

Rizal Helmi
Wholesaler and retailer for baby products

Rizal shared his secret of success to entrepreneurs who want to do online business. Here is what he said.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. You shouldn’t expect a quick return when you just started your online business. It takes time to build customer trust and taste the success from the hard work that you have contributed.”