How a Mompreneur Builds Up her E-commerce Empire

How a Mompreneur Builds Up her E-commerce Empire

Sherynn discovered & founded her first online wholesale business selling baby & kids products when she was pregnant. She noticed the local retailers had been selling expensive baby products, where she foreseen it as an opportunity to setup online business, selling baby products at a lower price! Never underestimate the power of women entrepreneurship!

“I got the idea to set up my online business when I was pregnant. During that time, I wanted to buy some new clothes for my baby. I noticed the local retailers were selling expensive baby products, where I foreseen it as an opportunity to set up online business by selling baby products at lower price. Then, I contacted few manufacturers in China to obtain bulk discount from them and wholesale it to local resellers. I want to benefit working mothers like me so that they can work at home and take care of their family welfare.”

Blogspot was my first choice when I established my online business. However, it was inconvenient for me. When customer asked me whether a particular design has stock or not, I had to take more time to check my spreadsheet or real-time stock because Blogspot didn’t have the function for me to check the stock availability. In online business, speed of processing a customer order is important. You just can’t keep your customer waiting for too long. I needed to search for a solution to overcome the situation I was facing.”

“I started to google around for e-commerce solution. Then, I came across SiteGiant from Google. At first, I was reluctant to try because I am not really an IT well-versed person. When I tried SiteGiant e-commerce solution, the platform is simpler than I thought. I don’t even need IT knowledge to use this platform because everything is ready made and user-friendly.”

What I find SiteGiant is different from other e-commerce solution providers is that they are always opened up to my suggestions and opinions. Whenever I saw a new feature elsewhere, I will propose to them. Much to my surprise, they took my suggestion seriously and even implement it for me in a short time. Apart from that, the support team is responsive to customers too. The e-commerce platform is very useful for my business. Before I use SiteGiant, I have only 10% increase in my sales profit. The ease and effectiveness of SiteGiant e-commerce platform have helped me to minimize those extra time I need to do the stock checking. Now, I don’t have to manually create invoices for my customers. I can have more time concentrating on growing and sourcing for a better supplier for my business. Most importantly, my sales have improved at least 300%after I have used it for the first year.”

Sherynn Ooi
Online wholesaler for baby and kids clothing

Sherynn also shared with us some advice for youngsters who want to start their online business.

“Passion helps you to be self-motivated and self-disciplined. If you want to be successful in online business, you have to learn from failures because failures make the best guru.”